From the creator of, here you can grab the the codes for many sites such as Facebook, MySpace 1.0 and My Year Book!

About Us

In 2007, CoolChaser originally started out as a site to create your own MySpace layouts within minutes using our layout editor that used cutting-edge technology.

An integrated image search facility simplifies the process of combining the web for the ideal killer background image. Users then combine their chosen background wallpapers with any of over 50,000 user-submitted themes to create a personal, expressive layout fuss free, quickly and without having to deal with messy HTML code.

While other sites offered premade layouts, CoolChaser layout editor allowed users to create beautiful and personalized layouts to express themselves without any knowledge of HTML/CSS. was a spin-off from for people who only wanted the 'codes', and also a place for us to experiment new ideas.

Many people loved our editor; and within ten months from launch in April 2007, over 3 million enthusiastic users have used CoolChaser to create over 9 million attractive and personalized MySpace layouts! CoolChaser eventually became one of the most popular MySpace layouts sites.

Fast forward to 2010, MySpace stopped allowing their members to customize their layouts using codes so our layout editor was not in need for our members anymore (except for people with MySpace Profile 1.0). We also realized that many people were not using MySpace anymore and moved to Facebook as well.

We were sad to see all the layouts that were created by our loyal members going to waste. So we came up with an idea to transition all the MySpace layouts to Facebook using a special ToolBar that lets you overlay a virtual layout on top of the page. There were plugins that allowed this before, but with our toolbar, you can also view other people's layouts who have CoolChaser's layouts.

We hope you like how your Facebook looks after trying our editor out, and please let us know if you have any comments/suggestions/feedback through our contact us!.