From the creator of, here you can grab the the codes for many sites such as Facebook, MySpace 1.0 and My Year Book!

MySpace Tweaks!

Code to hide stuff

Hide away all the stuff you want to hide! Why would you wanna hide your name? Not sure why! :D But here are the codes! Paste the code in the "Who I'd like to meet box" and become invisible!

  • B_1 Hide Your Info
  • B_2 Hide Contact Box
  • B_3 Hide MySpace URL Box
  • B_4 Hide Interests Box
  • B_5 Hide Details Box
  • B_6 Hide Network Box
  • B_7 Hide Blog Entry Box
  • B_8 Hide About me, Who I'd like to meet Box
  • B_9 Hide Friend's Space Box
  • B_10 Hide Friend's Comments Box